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"To Help our Clients to Achieve their Goals and to Improve their Performance by Providing Accurate, Authentic and Updated Business Information, Analysis and Research"
  1 + 1 = 2 + More
At Synergy Research, we believe in + More Equation because "SYNERGY" is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations to produce a new or enhanced effect compared to their separate effects.
The synergy is achievable by working together of like minded industries, organizations, institutions or even countries.
  • By coming together and drawing on their advantages, India and China are expected not only to make a strong regional impact but also make a mark in the world. Global trade is all set to be changed by the synergy between India and China, with their combined trade accounting for up to 10 % (China 9% and India 1%) of the world's total by 2010.

  • Realizing importance of Synergy between education and industry Ministry of HRD formed Synergy Sub-Group to focus on reorientation of Management institutes in the country in lines with the needs of the industry.

  • The food processing sector establishes vital linkages and synergy between industry & agriculture, the two pillars of the economy. This synergy is likely to take India's share to 3% in the world trade of agricultural and food products by 2015.
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